Stationary Heavy Duty Commode and Shower Chair

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If you have a walk-in shower and you are concerned about your safety while in the bathroom, you should strongly think about using a shower seat. Options include a folding shower seat, a bath bench, toilet riser, or shower aid similar to our Stationary Heavy Duty Commode and Shower Chair. This MULTI-USE commode/shower chair can be used anywhere as a standalone commode thanks to the included pail and be used directly over a toilet for safer toileting or as a safe and comfortable shower chair. The Heavy Duty Shower Chair will provide the necessary assistance and support to anyone who feels as if they cannot stand safely or alone in a shower or bathtub setting. Although commonly associated with the elderly, these safety aids can be used by people of all ages.

The weight limit on the Stationary Heavy Duty Commode and Shower Chair is 500 lbs.

Prices are in US dollars and also include free delivery to many locations in and around Vallarta.

The price of the Stationary Heavy Duty Commode and Shower Chair is $10 USD per day.

Free local delivery is included with a minimum 3-day rental.

1-2 days is $10 USD per day with an added delivery charge.

Rentals of 3-6 days are $10 USD/day and delivery is included to MOST LOCATIONS.

You get a 10% discount for rentals of 7-13 days.

Also, if you rent for a total of 14-20 days you get a 15% discount.

A 25% discount is given for rentals of 21-27 days

and for long term rentals of 28-90 days there is a 50% discount.

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