Beach Stroller – Baby Bug stroller with balloon tires

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Beach stroller with balloon tires

Using a beach stroller is the best way to take the little one for a long walk on the nearly 8 miles of beautiful beach in Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias. The beach stroller is also great for going over cobblestone of small curbs. No longer do you have to struggle in the downtown area or bounce the little one awake while trying to get back up the street. It’s a smooth ride for both the baby and the adults in the group. Because the Baby Bug Beach Stroller is so versatile you will be able to go from beach to sidewalk to cobblestone to tile without any adjustments.

The Baby Bug Beach Stroller made by Deming Designs has plenty of pockets for sunscreen. There is also a large under the seat storage area perfect for beach towels or a small ice chest. There are cup holders and a detachable toy bar to help keep the little one entertained. The Baby Bug has a weight limit of 40 pounds. That weight limit includes the items you bring along.

Safety is built into the beach stroller

You will love the grow-with-me 5 point safety harness that in conjunction with the buckling lap belt that provides added safety. Among other things, the beach stroller has a multi-position reclining seat designed to accommodate children up to 40 pounds. You can easily adjust the seat to allow for sleeping or sitting up. With a wet cloth, you can clean the non-absorbent fabric. In addition, there is a great sunshade to keep that afternoon sun at bay.

Entertainment is also built into the beach stroller

The removable child tray with two cup holders and a toy steering wheel is a big hit with all of our little ones. Take a look at Nicole in the photo gallery. She loved both the steering wheel and the push buttons.

Storage and more storage

The stroller has plenty of storage. You can bring along everything you need. The beach stroller has both removable cargo bags for gear and a large below the seat storage area. The stroller also has cup holders and more cup holders. There are two cup holders in the child area and two more up top. You should have plenty of room for beverages. It’s important to stay hydrated at the beach! There are also a few spots where you can put the seashells you collect along your walk.

Portable too.

You can easily collapsible the beach stroller for easy storage and transportation. Even with the balloon tires, the stroller can fit into the trunk of most cars and go with you all over Vallarta.


1-6 days $10 per day plus delivery

Rentals of 7-13 days get a 10% discount

For rentals of 14-20 days get a 15% discount

In addition, rentals of 21-27 days get a 25% discount

Finally, rentals of 28-90 days get a 50% discount


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