Beach Crossers' Delivery Options

Free Delivery Options for Beach Crossers

This interactive map shows the Beach Crossers' delivery options that are included free of charge with a minimum rental period. Don't worry if your location is outside of any of these free delivery zones. Thankfully, we may be able to deliver to your location for a fee. However, we cannot go to all locations with our wheelchair accessible vans. If the place you are staying is difficult for us to get to, we can meet you at one of the drop-off areas indicated on the map. Read more about our story at Beach Crossers About US. We want to make your time in Vallarta as good as it can be.

We don't drive an SUV

Not surprisingly, some areas of Vallarta have road conditions that are not passable for wheelchair accessible vans. Therefore, if your location is inside of the free area but requires a vehicle with good clearance, please be kind enough to let us know. If you are not sure where you are staying, you can search on the map. For example, some places on the south shore say they are in the "hotel zone." However, that's not the same hotel zone as in Vallarta. There are often resorts with the same name in both Jalisco and Nayarit.

Please take the time to determine where you will be staying so we don't deliver to the wrong location. We appreciate your help as we continue to offer free delivery to most areas. Finally, take a look at the free drop off areas located conveniently in each area of Vallarta. Each has parking and is easy to get to. We are happy to meet you at any of those locations free of charge with your minimum rental. If you're not sure, drop us a note at We can help you figure out where you are staying.

Beach Crossers Delivery areas
An interactive map that shows our free delivery areas. Free with a minimum 3-day rental.