Other Equipment

What is Other Equipment?

Well, for Beach Crossers, other equipment is primarily assistive devices that are not associated with mobility.

Often times, if someone needs help with mobility, they also need help with some other things. For example, in many of the resorts and hotels, the toilets are very low. It can be difficult to get up if you have mobility limitations. Whether you just had surgery, slipped on the sidewalk, or a master at maneuvering a wheelchair, you may need a little help.

An IV pole is used to hold liquids for an infusion. It's nice not to have to bring one along on a plane or hang your infusion bag on the back of a door.

Toilet seat risers are probably our most popular item in this category.

We also have shower seats and benches. Some seats are multipurpose. A shower seat and a commode. Everyone has a little different need, so we have options with arms, without arms, with wheels, without wheels, with a back, without a back. You can just let us know what you need and hopefully we can provide something that works perfectly.