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The Beach Crossers Family

Why Vallarta? And, why Beach Crossers? Why not?

Beach Crossers is a family effort. It was destiny. Looking backward we know it was meant to be. For many years, we traveled to Puerto Vallarta for extended summer vacations. We would always return to Puerto Vallarta because when we were away we would miss the people, the beaches, and the active lifestyle. As teachers, we were blessed to spend entire summers in Puerto Vallarta for several years in a row. Soon we had friends we loved that were like family. We couldn't wait for them to meet Mom.

About - Beach Crossers Family
This picture is from a trip to the Families of the Dump with Mom, Sheri, and Terrie

About Mom as our inspiration.

Mom used a wheelchair when she traveled. She had both pulmonary fibrosis and limited leg function in one leg. Traveling with an oxygen concentrator and a wheelchair presented challenges, more years ago than now. Cobblestone streets, trees in the middle of sidewalks, sidewalks that end in steps, doorways too narrow for a wheelchair, and a variety of other obstacles were a normal part of travel in Puerto Vallarta. None of the obstacles dampened our spirits.

Mom comes to Vallarta!

When Mom joined us for a visit to Vallarta, she fell in love as well. The people of Puerto Vallarta embraced her as they had us, with open arms and gracious hearts, One of our dearest friends told us, "I love you, but I love Mom more." It was easy to see that Shirley, (mom to us) was truly a special person. So obviously full of life, laughter, and genuine concern for others. We were so happy that our friends knew and loved her. She loved them as well.

Because someone needs to do something!

When traveling with Mom, we found it extremely difficult to maneuver the cobblestone and beaches of this tropical paradise. We knew someone needed to do something. We had no idea it would be us. It was Mom who inspired us to start this venture and her memory that encourages us daily. We get busy at times, but we still try to treat each client as we would have wanted Mom to be treated. We officially started the business on January 1, 2014. Mom passed away on January 13, 2104. She was and continues to be the rock that Beach Crossers is built on.

The Beach Crossers story goes on...

We originally thought we would rent beach wheelchairs, but quickly found that our clients needed other things. Powered mobility equipment, bath, and home assistive devices, a portable stair climber, grab bars, ramps, and a ride from the airport. Our business grows based on the needs of our clients. If we don't have something you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

It is our desire to help others get themselves or their loved ones to the beach. Puerto Vallarta has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and these beaches should be accessible to everyone regardless of mobility limitations.

Beach Crossers


Let all that you do be done in love. 1 COR 14:16

About Us as Beach Crossers Family.



Taking a leap of faith, Sheri retired early from teaching 6th-grade math and science. Her favorite things to do in Vallarta include golf, snorkeling, exploring the less-traveled roads, and spending time with friends. Of course, her most favorite thing is spending time with her children, and granddaughter. When they visit she is truly in paradise!

In the Beach Crossers family, Sheri does most of the equipment maintenance, repair, and inventory.

Shirley, our daily inspiration.

Shirley loved Puerto Vallarta. Sadly, she passed away in January of 2014, just a few days after Beach Crossers officially launched. She not only inspired us to begin this mobility service, but she inspired us to love travel, care for others, and follow our dreams. She will always be an important part of this business and a huge part of our hearts. On her last day with us, she said, "Will you keep me in the business?" I answered, "Mom, you ARE the business." She said, "I mean, will you keep me in it in the future." Of course. Without Mom, there would be no Beach Crossers.


Terrie, another face you are likely to see.


Although she loved teaching, Terrie retired early from teaching high school science. Her favorite things to do in Vallarta include meeting new people, cherishing old friends, golf, snorkeling, and photography. She never gets tired of sunsets and fireworks or framing the perfect photo.

In the Beach Crossers family, Terrie does social media marketing, website maintenance, and financial management.




Our sister, Joyce retired in 2020 and almost immediately jumped in when we needed help. She helped plenty before that too but joined the business officially. She mostly works behind the scenes, but you may see her out and about with us from time to time. Joyce processes incoming orders, schedules bookings, and updates financial reports.

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  1. Thank you for providing this valuable service to visitors to Puerto Vallarta. Most often, those who can afford to travel, are able to do so, as they are in later years and have the time and financial resources to do so. But in spending a lifetime to achieve such freedom, our aging bodies, quite often, require assistance. Your wide variety and availability of mobility assistance devices, ensures that we can continue to spend our "golden years" enjoying life in comfort and safety. My wife and I are happy to be able to return to PV, knowing that we can, again, walk the Malecon in comfort. We are so looking forward to April 2024.

    Nicholas T. van Seters

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