Accessible Services

What are accessible services?

Accessible services can mean many things. Do you need something other than equipment? Ask, maybe we can help.

For example, do you need a place to stay? Ask, because we have an accessible condominium that may be available.

Do you need something repaired? Ask again, because we can pick up your equipment and take it to be repaired. Maybe you also need to rent something while the repairs are happening. Look to see what we have available at this link.

Also, we are available to purchase locally and deliver equipment to your location. Not everything is available locally. We are familiar with the local market and can let you know what's available. It may be more cost-effective to purchase what you need for long-term use.

Did you know that we can go look at the place where you will be staying and evaluate the rental or real estate properties for accessibility? you will be surprised that sometimes things are listed as accessible that are far from what you expect. Really! Ask us about it. Are the doors wide enough? How big is the elevator? Are there curb cutouts and ramps at the corners? You want features that can make your stay easier. Therefore, we visit before you make your reservation to make sure you won't be disappointed!.

Also, we often do damage assessments for insurance claims. If your equipment is damaged during travel, please recommend us to your contact.

If you tell us what you need, then we can let you know if we can help.

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