Wheelchairs in Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita

Beach Crossers will be bringing beach wheelchairs

to Sayulita and it is not a moment too soon. Sayulita is difficult by wheelchair. We took Mom and some friends to Sayulita for the day and it was really difficult to get around. We had to go inland a block or two and back to the beach, and inland a block or two and back to the beach, etc. There was no way to get her to the chairs that were on the beach with umbrellas and the restaurant owners didn't want us using a table if we weren't ordering. You can only drink so much before you need to move on and moving on was a big challenge. The beach is beautiful and watching the surfers is a great way to spend the day. We ended up carrying Mom and her chair down to a table that some friends had reserved for the day. Unlike Puerto Vallarta, no one offered to help. Since Mom was small and her chair was light we were able to manage. Also, once the sand was more firm, she was able to walk a little with help. That isn't the case for a lot of visitors. I really love Sayulita and enjoy spending a day there once in a while, but with a wheelchair it is a struggle. Wheelchairs are certainly not part of the young active lifestyle at Sayulita, but we have friends who regardless of having legs or not, would love to spend time experiencing water sports at Sayulita. It's nice to know we will be able to help them accomplish that experience soon.  Here's a picture of our young friends surfing, or more accurately trying to surf. They actually did pretty well for their first try. There are plenty of surf coaches around and reasonably prices too. You can rent boards, teachers, beach chairs, and about anything else you need to make your day enjoyable. Sayulita is a definite must visit if you are in the Vallarta area.

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