We got our Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair to Vallarta

It finally arrived. We've been anxious to see this beach wheelchair in person. We've talked to some people who have used the Hippocampe, but nothing is like seeing it for yourself. At Beach Crossers, we want to have products that meet the needs of every person with mobility limitations. We have a friend who lost his legs in Afghanistan. He is very physically fit. I mean in the Olympic athlete kind of way. We had him in mind when we selected this chair. It has wheels that are wide so that they can go on the beach, but it is still self propelled. It has interchangeable balloon tires if you want to be pushed or pulled along instead. It is low to the ground, for easy transfers to the sand, a kayak, or maybe a jet ski. It also floats. That means he could wheel himself right into the water, swim for a while, and then wheel himself out again. Of course there is a rope on the front so someone else could pull him out as well. It is super cool! I hope he comes to Vallarta soon to try it out. It seems like it will be a great option for children as well. Being low to the ground is a plus. It also packs away into a travel bag that will fit easily into the trunk of a car. Do I sound like an info-mercial?We are happy extremely with our DeBug wheelchairs and find them so easy to push across the sand. For most people, that is going to be just the thing. I think people who end up in a cast right before or during their vacation will like that option best because they are so easy to maneuver. However, it is nice to have an option for those that would rather push them self. We've chatted with a few people who spend their lives in a wheelchair and 100% of them said they would rather push for themselves. We will have to get the new beach wheelchair down to the beautiful Vallarta sand and give it a try. Will be tweeting some pictures!

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