Starting a beach wheelchair rental business in Puerto Vallarta

So, starting an international business is a lot of work. Of course, if it was easy then everyone would do it. I"m going to discuss some of the hurdles we have encountered throughout the process and what we did to overcome them. Some of this blog will be looking back at what we did and once we catch up to the present I will continue the saga. I wish I had started this long ago because there were frustrating steps along the way that have since been overcome. I'll try to convey the hurdles and obstacles.

First came the idea. My sister Sheri and I traveled to Puerto Vallarta each summer for our summer break. We are both teachers and that allowed us to spend extended vacations in the Vallarta area. Our first summer to Puerto Vallarta was the summer following the Spring outbreak of Swine Flu. Travel to Mexico was let's just say it "cheap".  Flights were cheap, rooms were cheap, activities were cheap. We stayed at a 5 star resort for .... drum roll ... unbelievably low price of $49 per week. Yes I did say 'per week'. The resort was on the south side of the bay, ocean front, with twice a day maid service. Well, who can pass up a deal like that. Instead of staying the two weeks we had initially planned, we decided to stay 4 weeks. More tomorrow about our adventures along the road to the mobility wheelchair rentals of Vallarta.

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