Wheelchair ramps

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Wheelchair Ramps

Available in lengths of 5 feet or 7 feet, these aluminum ramps hold a total of 800 lbs for two axels (400 for each of two axles) or 400 pounds for single axel devices. They fold like a suitcase for ease of transport. No tools are needed for assembly. The ramps also come apart into two parts so they are lighter to carry.

Prices are in US dollars and also include free delivery to many locations

For rentals of 1-3 days, the price is $30

Short term rentals of 4-6 day are $10 per day

You get a discount for rentals of  7-13 days $9 per day

Two-week rentals are further discounted. 14-27 days $8  per day

Finally, long term discounts are half price. 28 or more days $5 per day

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