Wheelchair ramps (short)

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Wheelchair Ramps (short)

These wheelchair ramps are short suitcase ramps are designed to be easily moved yet strong enough to be left in place for daily use.  (Proper use of wheelchair ramps)

Wheelchair ramps are a great way to get around inaccessible areas that you might otherwise not be able to. However, they do not work in all situations. You need to have room at the end of the ramp for the wheelchair or scooter to turn. These ramps are approximately 2' long and hold a total of 400 lbs. They fold like a suitcase for ease of transport and no tools are needed for assembly. The ramps are light to carry.  You may be interested in our long ramps or a threshold ramp.

Prices are in US dollars and also include free delivery to many locations Our vehicles are modified for wheelchair use. Because of this, they cannot travel on many streets in the Vallarta area. Please check the delivery map carefully.

For rentals of 1-3 days, the price is $30. This includes delivery to many areas of the bay.

Short-term rentals of 4-6 days are $10 per day. Check the delivery map for free delivery areas.

Rentals of 7-13 days get a 10% discount.

For rentals of 14-20 days get a bigger discount of 15%.

In addition, rentals of 21-27 days get a 25% discount. If you are renting for more than 23 days, check to see if renting for 28 days is less expensive. There is no penalty for returning the product early.

Finally, rentals of 28-90 days get a 50% discount. If you need more than 90 days, please get in touch with us by email.


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