Dolphin Swim or Encounter


Additional people

The height (inches or centimeters), and weight (pounds or kilograms) of the person who will use the equipment. N/A if this does not apply to your rental. * 

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Dolphin Swim

Do you want to swim with the dolphins? If you can transfer into an amphibious wheelchair then you can swim with the dolphins at Splash in Nuevo Vallarta.

We will transport you from your Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta location in our wheelchair accessible van to the Splash water park in Nuevo Vallarta. The van has seating for 3 adults and one child and has complete securement for a personal wheelchair or scooter. To make the dolphin swim accessible, we will provide an amphibious wheelchair for ease of entry into the dolphin pool. The user needs to be able to self transfer or have an aid to assist with the transfer because, unfortunately, we are not able to assist with transfers. The water park will provide assistance in the water and we will stay with you at the park to assist with any non-medical needs. We will not go into the pool with you, but will help where we can.  After the show and the Dolphin Swim or Encounter, we will return you to your starting location.

Please email before reserving this excursion as we need to confirm availability. This excursion needs to be scheduled in advance. We pick you up in time to be at the water park by 9:30 a.m. for your 10:00 swim. If you would like to spend more time at the park after the dolphin adventure we can schedule a time to come back and get you. The price of the swim includes the water park. Please email if you have questions.

Dolphin Encounter

For the non-swimmers in the group we can substitute the dolphin encounter. How about a kiss and hug from the beautiful dolphins? Truly a magical experience.


What’s included in the wheelchair accessible dolphin swim?

A total of 5 hours (4 hours at Splash)

Round trip transportation

Use of an amphibious wheelchair

Admission to waterpark and cost of dolphin swim.

Our time as your guides



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