Trapeze Grab Bar

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Trapeze Grab Bar

A bed trapeze is a handy accessory that provides a patient with something secure to grasp. How to use an overhead Trapeze When trying to change positions while in bed, just reach up to the triangle bar waiting above you. You can use the grab bar to facilitate the process of getting out of bed and onto a wheelchair. Your caregiver will appreciate the Trapeze Grab Bar assist.  You can find the trapeze grab bar above the bed because it is always right there, you don’t need to move it each time you need it and you will find the grip comfortable and a nice size for most hands.  Although the frame is free-standing, you can also attach it to many beds for additional stability.

Need something smaller? Try the Bed Rail Grab Bar

Prices are in US dollars and also include free delivery to many locations

For rentals of 1-3 days, the price is $30

Short term rentals of 4-6 day are $10 per day

You get a discount for rentals of  7-13 days $9 per day

Two-week rentals are further discounted. 14-27 days $8  per day

Finally, long term discounts are half price. 28 or more days $5 per day

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