Power Wheelchair - Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

The Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair has a weight capacity of 400 pounds or 180 kg. It has a wide seat and longer armrests. In addition, there are anti-tip wheels for added stability. The biggest advantage of a power wheelchair over a scooter is the maneuverability. Go into the elevator forward, turn 180 and come out forward.

Things to consider when choosing your scooter or wheelchair:

What is the weight of the person who will be using the scooter or wheelchair?

Where will the equipment be used and what are the limitations of that location? Are there elevators, if so, what is the size of the elevator? What is the width of the doorways in the elevators and into the other rooms that need access? Will you need to cross cobblestone or brick surfaces?

What battery life is needed? Do you need the equipment to be moved from one location to another? Can the user transfer?

Do you want the equipment for the beach or pool? Is there a ramp or other access to the pool or beach?

Get a recommendation by sending an email to beachcrossers@gmail.com and we can help you decide.

Is the Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair the right chair for you?

The Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. It is a comfortable chair with great maneuverability. Will you be using the chair primarily in a resort? If so, this is a great option. However, this chair will not cross cobblestone, uneven surfaces, wet or dry sand. If you need something for the sand, check out the amphibious Sand Rider. Unfortunately, if you want to go somewhere with the Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair, you will need to call us. Fortunately, we are happy to schedule transportation with advanced notice.


The price of the Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair is $40 USD per day.

Free local delivery is included with a minimum 3-day rental.

1-2 days is $40 USD per day with an added delivery charge.

Rentals of 3-6 days are $40 USD/day and delivery is included to MOST LOCATIONS.

You get a 10% discount for rentals of 7-13 days.

Also, if you rent for a total of 14-20 days you get a 15% discount.

A 25% discount is given for rentals of 21-27 days

and for long term rentals of 28-90 days there is a 50% discount.



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