Lightweight Power Scooter – 3 wheel and portable




Lightweight Power Scooter-3 wheel is the perfect scooter for getting around the large resorts in the Vallarta area. Because the scooter is lightweight, you can easily have it lifted into the trunk of a taxi or UBER. The lightweight power scooters are easy to use. There are thumb controls that you use for moving forward or backwards. The small power scooters are self breaking. That means that when you are not pushing the thumb controls the scooter automatically stops. They are easy to get in and out because they have a swivel seat. There is a front basket to carry small items. They have a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds. The small scooters fit easily into most elevators. In some of the older resorts, this is an important consideration. If the elevator is extremely small, then a small power chair is the only option.

Because a lightweight power scooter has a small battery, it is not designed for long days or heavy loads. Usually, when you are running around the resort you are taking a lot of short trips to your room or to the pool or to the restaurant. In that situation, the batteries will last all day. If you are taking the lightweight power scooter for longer use, say going from one end of the Malecon to the other, a medium scooter would be a better choice. The medium scooters have bigger batteries. They are not as portable but will fit in the trunk of most taxis. The large scooters have the best battery life. It is our policy that only Beach Crossers can transport the large scooters.

The rental prices for the small power scooter are listed below.

1-2 days $30 per day (Plus delivery fee)

3-6 day $30 per day

7-13 days $27 per day

14-28 days $20 per day

29-90 days $15 per day



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