Portable Stair Climber

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Portable Stair Climber

Portable Stair Climber is a device used to transport patients capable of being moved in a sitting position up or down a staircase or through narrow and confined spaces. The portable stair climber is a track-style climber and conveniently, the stair climber can be used with a personal wheelchair or the optional removable seat. Unlike other styles, this stair climber can take users both up and down the stairs. Users feel confident with the slow steady speed of the track. Do you have a straight stairway to climb? Spiral stairs are not an option with this device. However, if there is a large enough landing, corners can be possible. See the diagram to see if there is room for this equipment to work at your residence.



Prices are in US dollars and generally include free delivery to many locations.

There is a 3-day minimum rental period ($60 USD)

3-6 days at $20 per day with free delivery in most areas

Rentals of 7-13 days get a 10% discount

For rentals of 14-20 days get a 15% discount

In addition, rentals of 21-27 days get a 25% discount

Finally, rentals of 28-90 days get a 50% discount


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