Patient Lift without sling

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Patient Lift

This is a manual patient lift. You can lift up to 400 lbs. with the handle crank. Be aware that the lift has a two-point cradle. Also, the sling is not included. You can widen the base for stability or narrow it to fit in smaller spaces. Here is a link to a video that shows how to use a manual patient lift.  Although it is not the same model, it is similar in the way it is operated. There is also a link to a .pdf document below with similar instructions. You will get good tips and pointers if you watch the video. It is likely that if you are renting a patient lift that you know how to use one. However, we want to provide you the tools to operate the equipment safely and easily.

Instructions for use of a similar lift can be found here.

Lift instructions

If the client is able to assist with the lift, then you might consider the trapeze grab bar. You can use the trapeze only if the bed allows for the legs to slide underneath. Many of the beds in Vallarta are on a solid base of tile or cement. You cannot use the trapeze or the manual patient lift with beds that have a solid base.  You need to check with the place you will be staying to make sure they have a bed option that does not have a solid base.

Prices are in US dollars and also include free delivery to many locations

You can rent for 1-3 days, for the price is $30

Short term rentals of 4-6 day are $10 per day

You get a discount for rentals of  7-13 days $9 per day.

You also get a bigger discount for rentals of 14-27 days $8  per day

Finally, long term discounts are half price. 28 or more days $5 per day

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