Mobility Services


Mobility services are available in Vallarta.

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Mobility Services

Mobility Services and Rentals for Accessibility in Puerto Vallarta don’t always fit into any other category or product pages. This product page is available so that you can enter the dollar amount into the space provided and then proceed to your cart and check out. By using this page you can skip some of the requirements for booking rental products and get to the shopping cart faster. There are no options for insurance, deposits or booking features.

Mobility Services Examples

Mobility services can be a lot of different things and a lot of different situations. At times, there are point-of-sale transactions that don’t fit into other categories. For example, we go to the botanical gardens and they only take pesos for payment. Maybe Beach Crossers pays for lunch and then you reimburse us using this page.

Accessible transportation might be something you need. We can use our personal vehicles to help you out.

Another example would be that you own your own scooter. It breaks down while you are traveling in Vallarta. We pick up your scooter and take it to our repairman. Then we return it to you for a fee. That would be paid on the mobility services product page because it doesn’t fit into a product category. It’s not a rental. It’s not a reservation.

One final example, you planned to rent a beach wheelchair for a week but ended up using it for two weeks. It doesn’t make sense to pay the second deposit or to pay a deposit at the end of your rental period. After all, you already paid a deposit. In a situation like that, we would use this page. You can read about both rental products and services on other pages. Mobility services should only be used when instructed by Beach Crossers’ management.


Mobility Services holiday pricing.

Remember that for all mobility services there is an additional fee on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day (January 1: NO services BEFORE NOON)
Easter Sunday
Dia de Los Muertos (Oct. 30-Nov. 2: NO services AFTER 7:00 PM)
Dia de Revolucion (November 21)
US Thanksgiving (3rd Thursday of November)
Christmas Eve (December 24: NO services AFTER 2:00)
Christmas Day (December 25: NO services BEFORE NOON)
New Year’s Eve (December 31: NO services AFTER 2:00 PM)



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