Hippocampe Amphibious Beach Wheelchair

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Hippocampe Amphibious Beach Wheelchair

The Hippocampe is a beautifully designed product. It is low to the ground for ease of transfer. Whether moving to a beach towel, jet ski, or lounge chair, you will find the low seat easy to self-transfer. It has both a push bar and a pull rope. This feature can be very helpful when getting into or out of the water. In addition, the Hippocampe has interchangeable tires. You can use the big balloon tires if someone else is going to push you. Or, you can use the double wide bicycle tires to self-propel. Thus, this chair has a lot of versatility.

Things to consider about this amphibious beach wheelchair option.

This chair is not right for everyone, however. The Hippocampe requires some advanced wheelchair skills. Can you hop? Can you maneuver with the front wheel lifted? The chair easily tips backward. Can you control your front to back balance? These are skills you will need to enjoy this wheelchair. This is a great product for the right person. Therefore, if you are strong and want to get into the water to swim, this is the perfect chair for you. Of course, you can always email for more information.

Rental rates for the Hippocampe amphibious beach wheelchair

1-6 days $40 per day
7-13 days $35 per day
14-28 days $32 per day

Free local delivery with a minimum 3-day rental.

Other information

Generally, we supply a life jacket. Our life jackets are basic. If you need flotation, we recommend bringing your own life jacket. The Hippocampe is not a flotation device. However, it is helpful for entry and exit into the pool or calm waters. If you go for a swim, the wheelchair will float and be around when you are ready to exit the water.

See it in action here

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