Power Scooter – Heavy Duty 3-wheel

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Heavy Duty 3-wheel scooter

The Heavy Duty 3-wheel scooter is comfortable and maneuverable. It has a 350 pound or 160 kg weight capacity. The seat is wider and the leg room longer than the smaller Standard 3-wheel or Lightweight 3-wheel scooters.

Things to consider when choosing your scooter or wheelchair:

What is the weight of the person who will be using the scooter or wheelchair?

Where will the equipment be used and what are the limitations of that location? Are there elevators, if so, what is the size of the elevator? What is the width of the doorways in the elevators and into the other rooms that need access? Will you need to cross cobblestone or brick surfaces?

What battery life is needed? Do you need the equipment to be moved from one location to another? Can the user transfer?

Do you want the equipment for the beach or pool? Is there a ramp or other access to the pool or beach?

Get a recommendation by sending an email to beachcrossers@gmail.com and we can help you decide.


1-2 days at $40 per day plus a delivery charge

3-6 days at $40 per day with free delivery in most areas

7-13 days at $35 per day with free delivery in most areas

14-28 days at $32 per day with free delivery in most areas

29-90 days at $20 USD per day with free delivery in most areas.

Is this the right scooter for you?

The heavy duty 3-wheel scooter has a 350 lb maximum weight capacity. Headlights and a front basket are standard. With long battery life, this scooter allows for longer outings. The heavy duty 3-wheel scooter has a comfortable seat that swivels. The armrests lift for easy entry and exit. This mobility scooter can only be transported by Beach Crossers.

If you would like the back basket at no additional cost, please make your request in the comment section during checkout. We have a limited number available.

Pros: Easy to use and very stable. Crosses cobblestone.

Cons: Not appropriate for beach surfaces. Does not pull up to table seating. Does not turn around in small spaces.

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