Condo Add-ons


You are required to have the condo cleaned at the end of your stay, but you can choose to have more regular cleanings if you wish. You may also be able to negotiate cleaning fees with one of the condo staff if you prefer. Please choose from the options below.

There are times when we are sold out of things, but if these are available, you are welcome to use them in the condo. Please choose any that would be useful to you.

The beach club, community shuttle van, sport, and racquet club, and a photo ID allow easy access through the security gates. All of these can be yours for $20/week/person or $70 USD/month/person


Add-ons total:



Condo Add-ons:

Condo Add-ons are items that need to be confirmed before your arrival. You need to make some choices. Do you need a ride from the airport? Will you clean the condo yourself or have someone come in to do the cleaning? What about extra equipment? You can choose some items for free loans and others for discounted rentals.

All of the items listed in condo add-ons are offered based on availability.

The condo add-on of cleaning is both required and optional. There is one required cleaning. You can choose to have additional cleaning at intervals of your choosing. Use the drop-down menu to choose which option you prefer.

How do you feel about getting something for free? We have several items that if they are available you are welcome to use at no additional fee. Crutches, walkers, grab bars, bed rails and IV poles are options that we normally have available. However, if any of these are required we suggest you go ahead and book them for a fee. Many of our items rent for less than $80 USD/month.

You will find many other items available for a fee. We have scooters, beach wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, patient lifts, etc.

If you are going to rent more than 3 items, please contact us about a package price.

And, the golden ticket of condo add-ons. The beach club.

Well, to be fair, there are many great benefits that come with social membership. There is a free community shuttle that is included with the social membership. You also get access to a world-class sports and racquet club. Here you can enjoy a pickup game of basketball in the air-conditioned gym. Or perhaps you would rather play some tennis or pickleball. And, don't miss the kids club for the little ones. You can even check them in while you go swim some laps or work out at the gym.

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