Beach Wheelchair Debug Deluxe – all-terrain wheelchair.

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The Beach Wheelchair Debug Deluxe is the right choice for most clients:

The best beach wheelchair for most clients is the Debug Deluxe. The Debug Deluxe beach wheelchair is a comfortable chair that travels through both wet and dry sand. This wheelchair has large balloon tires that make it easy to push across a variety of surfaces. You can use it on both grass or gravel and can also go over cobblestone without any problems. The Debug Deluxe beach wheelchair is narrow enough to fit through a standard door. Not all doors in Mexico are standard sized. The Debug Deluxe beach wheelchair is the narrowest of beach wheelchair that we offer for rent.

All of our Debug Deluxe beach wheelchairs have standard options including both extending leg rests and cup holders. We also include an umbrella that is large enough to cover both the person pushing the chair and the person sitting in the beach wheelchair. You can lengthen the leg rests for longer legs. There is a seat cushion that you can use underneath the rider or behind their back. This helps to adjust the seat for added comfort.

The Debug Deluxe is a great choice for spending the day at the beach. If you are planning to take a long walk on the nearly 8 miles of beach that runs from Nuevo Vallarta to Bucerias, then this beach wheelchair is the best choice. You will be able to watch a turtle release or join the kids in building sandcastles. If the beach is your destination, then this is the right wheelchair for you. If you have questions send us an email before you decide.

Things to consider when choosing the Debug Deluxe Beach Wheelchair:

The Debug Deluxe is neither a flotation device nor designed for use in the water. The wheelchair can go into a few inches of water, but not into the water above the tire rims. We also have other beach wheelchairs that you can take into the water. The Hippocampe and the Sand Rider are both better options for going into the water.

Rental rates for the Debug Deluxe

1-2 days $30 per day plus delivery
3-6 days $30 per day with free local delivery
7-13 days $27 per day with free local delivery
14-28 days $23 per day with free local delivery
28 or more days $15 per day


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