Bath lift, Portable-Waterproof

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Portable-Waterproof Bath Lift

For clients who want to get down into their bathtub and have a proper bath, the solution is a Portable-Waterproof Bath Lift. In addition, you can use this equipment to get down to the pool level. Bath lifts are pretty simple to use. The portable, waterproof bath lift is a seat that sits in the tub and mechanically lowers the user down into the bathtub and then raises them back up after bathing.

How to use a Bath Lift.

The bath-lift raises and also lowers the user nearly 15 inches.  At the lowest point, the portable, waterproof bath lift seat is 3.5 inches from the ground and at the highest point, the seat is 18.3 inches from the ground. The battery-operated portable bath lift is completely waterproof. The weight limit is 350 pounds or 170 kg. Use it poolside as well. Similar to a bath lift, the pool lift is designed to lower a person on a seat into the water and raise the person out of the water. It acts as a transfer bench, by having a starting and finishing position that is away from the edge of the pool and water.

Prices are in US dollars and also include free delivery to many locations

For rentals of 1-3 days, the price is $30

Short term rentals of 4-6 day are $10 per day

You get a discount for rentals of  7-13 days $9 per day

Two-week rentals are further discounted. 14-27 days $8  per day

Finally, long term discounts are half price. 28 or more days $5 per day

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