Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

We've been looking for a long term rental in Puerto Vallarta. There are several good sources of information. Craigslist has a good variety of tourist and local rental options. It's a little confusing because you can't tell if the prices are in dollars or pesos, but after opening each page you get that information. There are several rental companies in PV that have a good variety of rentals. We've found some great options at  They seem to have the most long term rentals in the downtown area. The best source for cost efficiency seems to be the mano y mano online classified ads. They have the most rentals and definitely the most outside of the tourist areas. If you're looking for an authentic experience then that is a great option for information. We haven't rented anything yet. So far we have been comparing neighborhoods and amenities. We're looking for a place where we can store our wheelchair, have 2-3 bedrooms, off street parking, walk-ability, and ideally a pool. It's a long list, but we have found several great options. We're going to wait until we get to PV in a couple of weeks and start looking at the properties we've got on our list. I will add that our friends in vallarta have told us a couple of neighborhoods we are not allowed to look in. Top of the list is Ramblases. They didn't say why, but indicated that they wouldn't let friend or family move into that neighborhood.  That's good enough for me. The difference in price between monthly and annual rentals is huge. Usually as much as 1200 monthly is as low as 500 per month annually. Definitely worth looking at a year's lease. However, be prepared to pay for the entire year up front and in cash. I'll add to this post after we actually rent something.

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