Other Level 1 equipment

We have other equipment in various sizes and values. Therefore, you pay different insurance or deposits with the higher-priced equipment.  Level 1 equipment has a higher value for insurance or deposit purposes. You can find other equipment with a lower required deposit or insurance premium. Most of those rent on a per week basis. The Level 1 equipment is usually rented on a per-day basis.


What is Other Level 1 Equipment?

Well, for Beach Crossers, other equipment is primarily assistive devices that are not associated with mobility.

Oftentimes, you need help with mobility, so you also need help with some other things. For example, toilets are low in many resorts. It can be difficult to get up if you have mobility limitations. Whether you just had surgery, slipped on the sidewalk, or a master at maneuvering a wheelchair, you may need a little help. You can search for categories of equipment and get an idea of what type of equipment is categorized into which group.

You can't put a stair climber into another category, but it is an important piece of equipment. If you have a staircase you need to climb while staying in your wheelchair, you will need a stair climber.

You need a patient lift to be lifted from the bed. It is very valuable if you need to be lifted from the bed to a chair or to a commode for your shower. We have you covered. A patient lift is heavy and awkward. You can just let us know what you need and hopefully, we can provide something that works perfectly.