Manual Mobility

Manual mobility includes wheelchairs, walkers, rolling walkers (rollators), crutches, and knee scooters.

What is manual mobility equipment?

If you have to plug it in, it is not included in this category.

There is some overlap of course.

Some things like beach wheelchairs don't need a battery, but we do not include them in our manual mobility category. Because the cost to replace beach equipment is as much or more than the cost of power equipment, it needs to be a unique category.

The sorting of equipment into categories is really just a tool to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Categorizing products also makes it easier to apply different questions for information to similar products. We can offer the best insurance for each product without requiring the client to read through a lot of information. We just choose the insurance that is right for the price of the product and make that one item available.

Things we have in Manual Mobility

Since there are two key words here. Manual means you have to push it. Mobility means it specifically has to do with moving. So, things like IV poles are not included in this category.

Starting with the most simple to the most complex:

Canes are used with one hand for balance and support.

Crutches are used on both sides of the body. We have both underarm crutches and forearm crutches.

A standard walker is light weight aluminum and may or may not have wheels on two of the legs.

A rollator has 4 wheels and a seat. The seat is only for resting and not meant to be moved while seated.

Transport chairs are generally light weight with small tires. They have to be pushed by someone who is not sitting in the chair. We have some transport chairs that have bigger tires. They are more comfortable, but heavier.

Standard manual wheelchair can be pushed while seated. Most of them collapse for transporting in a vehicle. Some have extending legs, some are fixed.

An all-terrain wheelchair has air filled tires. It's much easier to use on grass or cobblestone. Although nothing is actually easy when crossing cobblestone.