Our first and favorite customers ... so far!

I decided to write a little about our first customers, Jason and Jennifer Lind because they were and continue to be such a blessing to us. You can read their review on Yelp, if you can find us there. You have to actually search for Beach Crossers, because if you search for beach wheelchairs Vallarta nothing comes up. Maybe in time that will improve. Anyway, they thought they had a beach wheelchair lined up for their son (who has never been mobile) months before their trip. It turns out that their travel agent was wrong. When they thought they arranged a chair there weren't even any beach wheelchairs in Vallarta. During that time when they thought they had a reservation, we started up Beach Crossers. So when they found that they didn't have anything arranged they started looking and came across our website. They were so happy to find us and we were so happy to have someone find us. It worked out perfectly. If the agent hadn't been mistaken, they would have found that there were no chairs in Vallarta and probably would not have looked again at a later date. We delivered their wheelchair to RIU Palace in Nuevo Vallarta and met the nicest family. They used the beach wheelchair every day and were kind enough to send us pictures of their vacation so we could see the smiles on all of their faces. We have a few pictures of the family on our website and I think they posted a couple on Yelp as well. Since heading home, they have sent us information about the company that did their airport transfer, written an awesome review, and kept in touch. They have been actively promoting our business in the Midwest! We are so thankful to have met the Lind family. Sometimes starting a business can be a struggle, but Beach Crossers has built in the intrinsic reward of helping people. That is so rewarding that there is no hesitation to keep jumping hoops. Because, as Mahatma Gandhi said, "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." We are going to change lives!

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