Farther South to Boca de Tomatlan, Mismaloya and Yelapa

So after we visited Chico's Paradise we headed father south to the Botanical Gardens. It was summer and the rainy season was just starting, so the paths weren't all accessible. Even in a wheelchair you could enjoy this location. When we parked in the parking lot, I got some beautiful pictures of a humming bird. I was so proud of those pictures and they were stolen along with my backpack one day here in the states. Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the gardens even though it wasn't the optimal time of year to visit. The owners were expats with a wealth of information about the Vallarta area. We stopped in both Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan.. The beaches there are smaller and very active as this is where you catch the water taxi to head further south around the bay. The seafood here is right out of the ocean fresh. It comes in and they start cleaning and cooking. YUM!  We have since taken the water taxi to Yelapa a few times. It is a great little town. When you get off the water taxi you are right at some restaurants that are definitely for the tourists. Good food, amazing pies and plenty of service with character. However, if you want to see Yelapa you have to walk down the beach and climb the hillside to get into the town and up to the waterfall area. The falls provide some great swimming opportunities. There are bathrooms on the way up that are well worth seeking out. Once up there the bathrooms are up the hill and VERY RUSTIC!!  There area couple of homes when they locals cook and sell the best ceviche. There are a few rooms for rent in Yelapa and our brother has stayed there. He loved it!  I will say that the water taxi is not a good option for mobility challenged as you have to jump back into the boat with the waves bobbing it up and down. One one visit we all left with bruises. Of course I'm not as young as I used to be and bruise easier. It was fun taking the water taxi and we saw wild dolphins and sea turtles swimming next to the boat. It was bumpy in a fun way with spray coming over the sides just to keep us surprised. The boatman stood most of the time holding onto a rope like he was skiing. I was dying to give that a try and maybe on another day I will if I'm brave enough.

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