Expanded Wheelchair Options for Puerto Vallarta Beaches

Beach wheelchair rentals in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta is turning out to be a lot of fun and very rewarding. We meet the most awesome people and are truly blessed to provide such a wonderful service. We are expanding our product list. These are our current products and who we think they are best suited for.

1. We have several De Bug beach wheelchairs. This chair is super comfortable and moves across the sand easily. I think this is a great chair for the occasional user. What I mean is someone who gets stuck in a cast just before or during their vacation, someone who is having a knee replacement in Mexico but still wants to enjoy the sites, someone who walks around okay, but has trouble on the sand. The chair is easily pushed by anyone regardless of previous chair pushing experience.

2. We have the Hippocampe beach wheelchair. I think this chair is pretty unique and is probably not for everyone. However, the person who wants this chair would not be happy with any of our other products. The Hippocampe is very low to the ground. It makes it perfect for children, or for adults that are able to self-transfer to the beach, kayak, jet ski, etc. It would be difficult to get to the low chair for elderly or others who are used to using their legs to help. The chair has interchangeable tires so you can self propel or relax and let someone else do the pushing. It also has a front tow rope so pulling is another option. It is a slick looking sporty chair. I think the athlete with limited mobility is the perfect person for this chair. It breaks down easily so you can take it with you for jungle or cobble stone. Definitely for the young and/or active.

3. Our newest addition to the beach wheelchair product line is the Sand Rider. It is similar to the Hippocampe in its sporty look. It has the big balloon tires, which you can push yourself on hard sand (although you get sand on your hands) and it is super easy to push across the beach. It is different because it is not so low to the ground. That makes it much easier for people of all ages to get in and out of the chair. It doesn't fit through all standard doorways, but breaks down easily for traveling to other locations.

That's it for the beach. We have a couple of different power chair options

1. We have the Porche of wheelchairs and I mean it was actually designed by Porche. Alber Adventure is a luxury chair beyond compare! This chair is not designed for the beach, but is ideal for traveling around the resort area in style. It is all terrain so it can take the downtown area much better than other power chairs. It is not light weight however so just won't work on the sand. This chair has all the bells and whistles; turn signals, horn, head lights, etc. This is a chair you can feel like you are on vacation while riding around.

2. The Invacare Proto and
3. The Rascal are pretty similar in their benefits and would be a personal preference as to which was preferred. I think the same client would be happy with either chair. Both are comfortable and allow for riders up to 300 lbs. Both maneuver small spaces pretty well. The chair on the Pronto is more padded, but both are equally comfortable. Either of these chairs would be perfect for running around the resort or down to Starbucks at Paradise Plaza.

We've also added walkers to our product line. I had no idea it would be such a popular item. We have the heavy duty version with a seat and brakes. Clients up to 300 lbs are no problem for this model.

Since delivery and pickup are included with all rentals (3 day minimum rental) you can choose the mobility device that is perfect for you. Let's say you decide the Adventure luxury chair is right for you, but one day you want to go from Paradise Village to Bucerias by way of the beach. Don't hesitate to ask about 1 day beach wheelchair rentals. If they are not rented we are happy to accommodate.

Most of the chairs come with accessories as well. Don't forget an umbrella and cup holder to enjoy your day to the fullest.

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