Chico's Paradise

So, our first summer in Puerto Vallarta was amazing. I'm sure part of the allure was that there were so few people around. We rented a car and traveled all of the the outlying areas. We drove south as far as Chico's Paradise. It's a beautiful spot on the river where you can get some great local sea food. The prices are high, but there is character that makes up for it. There is a man who dives from the rocks into a small pool who draws the crowds to the railing for his show. I don't watch because, 1) I don't like the way my stomach flips when he runs and jumps off of the wet rock, and 2) I don't want to encourage his early demise. I know he's amazing, and that the tips he earns support his whole family, but I just can't watch. I do recommend when you are at Chico's Paradise that you make your way down to the river and get your feet in the water. It is a beautiful spot. We have since done the zip lining at this location a few times. One of the reasons I like this place is that they let you take your own camera. I'm always looking for a beautiful shot and when climbing the hills from zip to zip I notice things like the ocean to our right. The photographers are only interested in snapping pictures of you while you zip down the lines and don't capture the other beauty around. If I take my own camera I get great shots of both the activity and the scenery. Another great thing about Chico's is that when you zip across the river you can go right over the heads of your friends that stay behind to have a beverage. The guides are very accommodating, friendly and helpful. Check out this video

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