Beach Crossers Press Release for February

Beach wheelchairs roll into Mexico. Is there anything better than a stroll on the beach with a beautiful sunset on a warm Vallarta evening? Many people have mobility limitations that in the past made that experience unattainable. With Beach Crossers in town, people who could not get to the beach in the past are taking an evening “roll” with family and friends.

Puerto Vallarta, MX February 2015. Beach Crossers launched their business last summer and immediately began to get calls and requests through their website at The owners, Terrie and Sheri were inspired to start this venture by their mom, Shirley, who unfortunately passed away before they got started. According to Terrie, “She will always be part of the business. She taught us to care about others, follow our dreams, and that we were capable of doing great things if we were willing to work hard.”

There are 4 manufacturers of wheelchairs specially designed for use on beach surfaces. Beach Crossers is now the national distributors for 3 of them here in Mexico.

  1. The Debug wheelchair is great for most people. It has big balloon tires and scoots across sand and cobblestone with ease. It fits through standard sized doors without removing the wheels. It has an elevating foot rest and comes with a cup holder and umbrella.  
  2. The Hippocampe will meet the needs of a select few. It is low to the ground for easy transfer to the sand, kayak or jet ski. It is meant to be self propelled by the client that is used to getting around without assistance. If you have perfected your “hop”, this chair is the right choice for you. It also fits through a standard door without removing the wheels.
  3. The Sand Rider is a sporty choice. With a high seat, this chair is easy to get in and out of. It crosses the sand and cobblestone easily. It has a comfortable relaxed seat position and comes with a cup holder.

Beach Crossers has helped many people to the beach since last summer. Zach, a 21 year old young man who has lived his life in a wheelchair, Nicole, an adorable little one who spent the day in a beach stroller, Anita and Wayne who each had injuries on the 2nd day of vacation. It’s not just the person sitting in the chair that benefits. Lawrence brought his 90 year old blind mother to Vallarta and having a beach wheelchair was really helpful. Mike had his granddaughter, Lindsey, 12, who has Cerebral Palsy.

Terrie, one of the owners says, “The best part of Beach Crossers is when we take the chairs to one of the resorts and find someone to give it to for the day. We’ve seen so many tears of joy since we started that I really look forward to this being my future.” We watched one day as Terrie and Sheri found just such a person. This elderly gentleman was at Paradise Village poolside with his family. Terrie approached and offered  the Sand Rider for the day. (you can see pictures here The gentleman was non-verbal, but his smile and the smiles of his family members spoke of memories that will last a lifetime.

What’s ahead for Beach Crossers? According to Sheri, “We are planning to get an accessible van so we can help our clients get around Vallarta a bit easier.” This is good news for locals and tourists alike as finding a ride when you are not able to get out of your chair is more than challenging.

We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Beach Crossers. We are lucky to have this family and this business in our community.

Wayne doesn’t let his injury interfere with an awesome vacation.
Zach and Jason take the Debug wheelchair for it’s first spin on the beach.
The Hippocampe is built for sport.


Abuelito gets his feet wet in the Sand Rider beach wheelchair.

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