Beach Crossers adds a wheelchair van to their options for Vallarta

This is our newest addition to our service. We've found that many people need a lift from one place to another and there just aren't many options in #Vallarta. Importing the van is becoming the next hurdle in the never ending list of hurdles we've jumped thus far. Vehicle import seems to be "frozen" at this time unless you have a 2006 or 2007 vehicle. Then, the wait is about 5 weeks at the border. Well, at least that is the word on the internet. We are planning on driving down in June. Looks like we will be getting a 6 month permit at the border and hope that sometime in that 6 months the rules ease up. We were also told that once we get our permanent resident visas we won't be able to bring the vehicle in at all and would not be able to renew our 6 month permit. So, we are really not sure how the wheelchair van is going to get into the country or how long we will be able to keep it there, but we are praying and hoping that things work out with this. It would be so nice to add this option to our product line. 

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