Importing Beach Wheelchairs to Vallarta

So, we've been working to get our wheelchair rental business off the ground and I've shared some of the many obstacles and hoops we've jumped or are still jumping through.  Customs was a hoop we hadn't anticipated. So, the name of our company is Beach Crossers. We have a few wheelchairs that belonged to us ... Read more

Renting Wheelchairs in Vallarta

Starting an international business has a lot of hoops, but the satisfaction that we get from renting the chairs makes it more than worth the hassle. Our first rental was to a nice young man named Zach. I hope to have pictures soon. Zach is 19 years old an non-mobile. He used the beach wheelchair ... Read more

Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

We've been looking for a long term rental in Puerto Vallarta. There are several good sources of information. Craigslist has a good variety of tourist and local rental options. It's a little confusing because you can't tell if the prices are in dollars or pesos, but after opening each page you get that information. There ... Read more

Wheelchairs in Puerto Vallarta

So I've been writing about several of our experiences in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, but I thought I would take a little detour and write about our experiences traveling to Banderas Bay with Mom in her #wheelchair. She passed away in January, but was the primary reason we started Beach Crossers in the first ... Read more