A Beach Crossers Thanksgiving in Vallarta

As I promised I am going to share our experience having Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I've had people ask if "they" celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico. Well, the answer is that Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday celebrated exclusively in the United States.  It was a meal shared between the pilgrims and the indigenous people. ... Read more

Hurricane Patricia disrupts Beach Crossers wheelchair rental business in Vallarta

"Was it all a lie?"  That's what someone asked me after Hurricane Patricia didn't destroy Vallarta. Wow. It's hard for me to understand how someone can think that the most powerful hurricane of all time was fiction. Is it any less impressive because we didn't lose billions of dollars in assets or thousands of lives? ... Read more

Living in Vallarta with Beach Crossers

It's interesting living in Puerto Vallarta, well actually Nuevo Vallarta. Since we started our beach wheelchair rental company, Beach Crossers, we have learned a million things. This week it seems like we are going to learn about the mapache (raccoon). The first night I was back to Vallarta, I had a visitor. I never saw ... Read more

Beach Crossers Press Release for February

Beach wheelchairs roll into Mexico. Is there anything better than a stroll on the beach with a beautiful sunset on a warm Vallarta evening? Many people have mobility limitations that in the past made that experience unattainable. With Beach Crossers in town, people who could not get to the beach in the past are taking ... Read more