A Beach Wheelchair Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

So I just got back from a "vacation" in Puerto Vallarta. Happily I spent a lot of time delivering and picking up wheelchairs. I can't believe how many people need our help. We rented to a nice man named Wayne who tore all of the ligaments in his ankle on the second day of his vacation. He had rigged up a pair of crutches with flip flops attached to the bottom so he could maneuver the sand. Brilliant, but he was much more comfortable in one of the beach wheelchairs. I keep asking people how they found out about Beach Crossers. I've done a lot of tweeting, blogging, youtube, and the like to get noticed by Google. It must be working because they found us by doing a Google search for wheelchair rentals in Bucerias. Our next rental was to a woman who broke her knee cap on the second day of vacation. Anita used the beach wheelchair around the resort and then moved to a villa in El Centro. The DeBug wasn't getting in and out of the shops the way they wanted, so we took them a manual wheelchair. It would be much easier to get into the shops downtown, but they couldn't get down their street!  That was the same problem we had when we tried doing downtown with Mom in her transport chair. Anita quickly moved back to the beach wheelchair and we actually ran into her on the Malecon enjoying all that the downtown area has to offer. We also rented a power chair to Rick at the Mayan marina this week. He suffers from Fribromyalgia which was causing his some problems with his knees. He is a large man of nearly 300 pounds. He found the Rascal to be very comfortable and easy to maneuver. We also had our first Beach Stroller rental while I was in town. A very nice woman, Somia staying at the RIU Vallarta. They had been limited to the resort area because they were traveling with two autistic children. They decided that in order to visit the downtown area (and enjoy it) they would need to contain the children. They rented the beach stroller for easy movement in the downtown area. It worked like a charm. They had a great trip to the Malecon and easily crossed both Los Muertos Beach and the cobblestone streets of El Centro. We've been happy with our new products, the Hippocampe and the Sand Rider. Both meet the needs of specific clients. We have been really surprised that we are renting so many power chairs and scooters. We are planning to expand our inventory of both of those, add manual chairs that have leg extensions for those injured travelers, and are in the process of getting hourly or daily rentals available in Sayulita. Keep an eye on our progress at BeachCrossers.com

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